THE ART OF STOCK PICKING       A famous quote by Burton Gordon Malkiel  “A blindfolded monkey throwing darts at a newspapers financial pages could select a portfolio that would do just as well as one selected by experts” (Malkiel was an American economist and writer most famous for his classic book titled A Random Walk down Wall Street published in 1973). The book was a bestseller and this comparison with primates is well-known in the investment world. William Eckhardt who is […]


MYTH : MONSOON AND NIFTY RETURNS The last two weeks have seen the market in a sideways move. As usual, the doubting Thomases have started the usual round robin circulation of WhatsApp messages. The media are working overtime on how the effect of El Nino can derail the ongoing stock market rally. The prospect of El Nino does sound depressing. It does prima-facie lead one to conclude that the economic effects will be disastrous and as a corollary the market will crash. […]


WHAT IS CONTRARIAN INVESTING? Since the stock market runs on probabilities and not on certainties, one of the successful methods of investing is to be a contrarian investor.  It effectively means that one should sell when everyone is buying and buy when everyone is selling. This in a nutshell embodies the theme behind being a contrarian. It is, however, easier said than done since being a contrarian is often compared to the loneliness of a long distance runner. How does an investor […]


After the sharp run up in the indices in the last 3 months most investors have cashed out and are waiting for a correction to get back into the market. What constitutes a ‘correction’? This is very tricky since in the past I know of many investors who exited in the year 2008 at an index level very near the top and then got so bearish that they never got back in. The general classification of a bull market is […]


I think that with all the euphoria over the new government and which sector is going to outperform, the single most important metric is the Interest Rate scenario. If interest rates start moving down then this will indeed be the mother of all bull markets, so how can one take a call on the interest rate scenario as on today. In simple terms it has to be monitored and one of the tools is the Yield curve. The basis of […]


In the past few days i have been asked by various investors as to my Nifty and Sensex targets for the next 5 years now that we have a new government at the centre. I for one am at a loss to answer that since there is no accurate way of forecasting the future. The whole financial media juggernaut has gone to town giving year-end targets and recommendations. Investing is not about going to a soothsayer (adviser) who can accurately […]


WILL THE MARKET BECOME A VICTIM OF IT’S OWN EXPECTATIONS? To me the biggest surprise of the election verdict was that not a single analyst or political commentator predicted that there will be a problem about forming the opposition party, most were busy cobbling up numbers of how the government is going to be formed and now we are trying to figure out how the opposition party and its leader are going to be selected. The verdict reflects the widespread […]


If there is one thing about markets which is certain it is the uncertainty of price discovery especially when we are on the threshold of a make or break event in India. I do not remember a single election in history where so much was at stake for the Indian business community as in this one. Bull markets like the current one generally climb the ‘wall of worry’. Markets generally discount all known phenomena and what we all know is […]


Every year this catchy phrase of sell in May and go away has become a media favorite.  This is an American saying and the complete version  is ”Sell in May and go away. Stay away till St. Leger’s Day”, and it effectively means that there is no point owning stocks in the (American) summer. Incidentally St Leger’s day is in September.  In the Indian scenario the media has adopted it very quickly and has been extensively used in the month […]

2009 v/s 2014

As we approach the end of the voting and get closer to the announcement of the results i am just wondering what to expect from the market, volatility is a given and i thought it would be in the fitness of things to delve into the past elections and see if any inferences can be drawn therefrom. The reason for looking backwards is logical since the stock market is basically cyclical in nature and the cycles tend to repeat since […]