Investing in stocks is made to look easy by the media and is unfortunately sold as a day at the races. There have been and always will be suckers who think that investing is easy. Charlie Munger (partner of Warren Buffet) says that investing is simple but not easy. In fact if one is not careful, investing in the stock market is like going through a revolving door. ¬†There cannot be any fixed methodology for investing in stocks and each […]


In the last couple of months as the build up to the election has started the noise around the likelihood of a stable BJP government with Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister has grown exponentially. In December there were many doubting Thomases and the most optimistic of them put the BJP tally at 230. In the recent past the numbers have crossed 300 and the die-hard optimists are predicting 375. What is with all these stories? In the stock market […]