When’s the Crash: Keynes Beauty Contest

Cartoonist: Schwadron, Harley, cartoonstock.com; Sunday, 12 November 2017 John Maynard Keynes is known as an excellent economist for his work titled “The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money.” Many renowned economists do not agree with what Keynes has said. Regardless of his economic theories, unbeknownst to most is the fact that Keynes was one of the greatest investors of his time (1883 – 1946). Keynes was one of the first to recognize that investing is an exercise in mass […]

Insider Sentiments – 10 of 2017

Insider Sentiments – 10 of 2017 – Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Limited Graph Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Limited (AHEL) is well entrenched in the business of providing healthcare services and infrastructure facilities to India’s teeming millions. Today Apollo is a brand that is synonymous with healthcare in India. AHEL is a pioneer of corporate healthcare in India and was founded by Prathap C Reddy in 1979. AHEL has its headquarters in Chennai, and they have beds across 70 hospitals. AHEL also runs […]

Insider Sentiments – 9 of 2017

Insider Sentiments – 9 of 2017 Maharashtra  Seamless Limited MSL Historical Graph Maharashtra Seamless Limited (MSL) is a leading player in the seamless pipe industry and is part of the D.P.Jindal group. MSL was incorporated on 10 May 1988 and has plant locations in Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The seamless pipes manufactured by MSL result in import substitution and a saving of precious foreign exchange. MSL is a net foreign exchange earner for the country. Apart from catering to the domestic […]

Do Colours Nudge Our Investment Behaviour?

Cartoonist: Veley, Bradford – cartoonstock.com; Sunday, 15 October 2017 The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) uses the colour Red to indicate a downward tick in the Last Traded Price (LTP) and the colour Blue to show an uptick in the LTP of a given stock symbol. Bloomberg terminals all over the world also use colours to highlight changes in the LTP. Three types of shades are ubiquitous; Red, Blue and Green. Whereas the tone Red is ALWAYS used to indicate […]

Insider Sentiments – 8 of 2017

Elecon Engineering Company Limited is a Small-Cap engaged in the business of manufacture of Industrial Machinery. Elecon is involved in the manufacture of Industrial Gears, Power Transmission and labor-less Material Handling Equipment. It provides support to growth sectors such as fertilizer, cement, coal, power generation, mining, chemical, steel, port-mechanization, minerals & metals. It is listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)(ELECON) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (505700). The Key Metrics are shown below. Historical Background Elecon Group was […]

Insider Sentiments – 7 of 2017

LG Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd L.G.Balakrishnan & Bros Limited (LGB) was founded in 1937 as a transport Company and has evolved today into a major manufacturer of chains, sprockets and metal formed parts for automotive applications. LGB has its corporate office in Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu. It has five plants that manufacture drive chains, machined and precision equipment and rolled steel products. LGB is the premier manufacturer of automotive chains under the familiar brand name ‘ROLON’. Business Highlights, […]

Insider Sentiments – 6 of 2017

CCL Products (India) Limited  Continental  Coffee Limited, now known as CCL Products (India) Limited is an Export Oriented Unit (EOU), founded in the year 1994. CCL is engaged in the manufacture of soluble coffee powder (instant coffee) and related coffee products. Their plant is located in Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh. Business & Prospects Despite the fact that ’instant coffee’ has been available for many years, its convenience ensures that the demand for the same continues to be robust. The […]

Investing Ideas 2

Subex Limited Subex is a turnaround story with a twist. That’s why the price is languishing at Rs. 10.20 for a stock which has a face value of Rs. 10. Background Information Subex was founded by Subhash Menon. Subex accumulated massive debt, partly from its decision to buy a Canadian Telecom firm by the name of Syndesis for US$ 170 million in January 2007. It was Subex’s seventh and last acquisition. Menon was advised against using equity for the purchase […]

Investing Ideas – 1

Firstsource Solutions Limited Firstsource Solutions Limited (FSL) describes itself as a consumer-focussed, innovation-driven company. The market capitalization is barely 2323 crores. In other words, it is a Small-Cap stock. It is a fact that Small-Cap stocks enjoy a valuation premium. The rider is that it has to be a ‘quality’ Small-Cap. Does FSL fit the bill? The stock price of FSL has been plummeting, and the stock hit a 52-week (intra-day) low of Rs. 30.35 on 15 June 2017 and […]

Share-Weighted Portfolios: Do they work?

Cartoonist: Carpenter, Dave – cartoonstock.com; Sunday, 18 June 2017 The concept of share weighted portfolios means that one buys an equal quantity of all the shares in one’s portfolio, without any regard to their market price. Nifty 50 as a benchmark – Background Information The Nifty 50 consists of fifty stocks and accounts for twelve sectors of the Indian economy. It tracks the behaviour of the largest and most liquid Indian corporates and captures approximately sixty-five percent of the float-adjusted […]