Investing Ideas – 1

Firstsource Solutions Limited Firstsource Solutions Limited (FSL) describes itself as a consumer-focussed, innovation-driven company. The market capitalization is barely 2323 crores. In other words, it is a Small-Cap stock. It is a fact that Small-Cap stocks enjoy a valuation premium. The rider is that it has to be a ‘quality’ Small-Cap. Does FSL fit the bill? The stock price of FSL has been plummeting, and the stock hit a 52-week (intra-day) low of Rs. 30.35 on 15 June 2017 and […]

Insider Sentiments – 5 of 2017

Insider Sentiments – S&P BSE Healthcare  (4 Stocks recommended) The market bucked the May seasonality. We now have a scenario where the Indian Stock Market has recorded positive monthly returns for all the first five months of the current calendar year. It is an unprecedented occurrence and seems to suggest the current calendar year is an ‘outlier year.’ In such a scenario, the Indian pharmaceutical sector has bucked the trend. Investment Thesis The image below shows the best performing sectors […]

Insider Sentiments – 4 of 2017

Lakshmi Machine Works & Super Sales India Limited Super Sales India Limited (SSI) and Laxmi Machine Works (LMW) are sister companies. The primary business activity of SSI was to act as a selling agent of LMW. As on date, this activity of acting as an agent has been expanded to cover other group companies was well (for e.g.., Elgi Electric etc.are). SSI has four divisions: Marketing, Textile, Engineering and Wind Energy). The bulk of the profit is from Marketing department. LMW […]

Performance Review & Insider Sentiments Portfolio Updates

I have already published the Performance Statistics for Insider Sentiments for the last year. While calculating the returns and the outperformance, there is a caveat. Hence, I feel the need to update the statistics. In the image shown below, I have changed nothing. The dates and rates are all the same. The difference between the image shown above and the one that was published earlier is that L&TFH, CHAMBLFERT, IDEA, and IBREALEST were missing in the earlier post. I need to do […]

Insider Sentiments – 3 of 2017

United Spirits Limited (Mcdowell-N) United Spirits Limited (USL) is the largest Indian spirits company. USL is engaged in the manufacture, sale, and distribution of alcoholic beverages. It is also the second largest spirits company in the world. United Spirits Limited (USL) is an indirect subsidiary of Diageo Plc – a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding portfolio of brands across spirits, beer, and wine categories. On the NSE, USL trades under the symbol MCDOWELL-N, and on the BSE […]

Insider Sentiments – Performance Review

Insider Sentiments was started in April 2016, and the first recommendation was on 07 April 2016. Since it has been over twelve months, I thought a review of the performance till date was necessary. The following needs to be remembered: While calculating returns, I have assumed that an equal amount of Rs. 5,000 is invested in each of the names. The figure of Rs. 5,000 is notional, and the returns would be the same even if Rs. 100,000 were to be invested equally in […]

Sell in May?

As we head into the month of May, we are bound to hear the calls for ‘Sell in May and Go Away’. I decided to revisit the ‘sell in May’ syndrome for this post. Should we sell in May 2017 or should we just hold and do nothing? While trying to answer this question, what I have done is to look at the seasonality. How does ‘sell in May’ look like historically? The month-wise seasonality for the Indian Stock Market […]

Insider Sentiments – 2 of 2017

Solar Industries India Limited Solar Industries India Limited (Solar) is a manufacturer of industrial explosives and explosive initiating systems. Its products are explosives, detonators and allied devices. In fact, Solar is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Explosives. Solar has 25 manufacturing plants across 8 states in India and 3 in overseas locations. Their products are consumed in 42 countries across the globe. They are the market leaders with a 22% share in the domestic market and a 55% […]

Insider Sentiments – 1 of 2017

Zensar Technologies Limited Zensar Technologies Limited is part of the RPG group. Zensar prides itself on being a digital solutions and technology services company. The company offers the complete range of traditional and transformational IT services and solutions across application management and infrastructure management services. It has got a global presence across, and their business is well spread across 29 global locations with a presence in the key regions of US, Europe, Africa, Middle East, India and APAC. They have […]

Insider Sentiments – 11 of 2016

Insider Sentiments – 11 of 2016 – Ambika Cotton Mill Limited (AMBIKCO) Ambika Cotton Mills Limited is engaged in manufacturing and selling of speciality cotton yarn. The company caters to the needs of manufacturers of premium branded shirts and t-shirts. Exports constitute a significant portion of the operations. The company operates with total installed spindle capacity of 108228 in a small facility housed in four units. The company has an installed 27.4 MW wind power capacity for captive consumption of […]